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    2. Product Center

      Modern operation and management system, the introduction of advanced production equipment, professional production and processing all kinds of sheet metal parts.

      ABOUT US

      Professional sheet metal parts processing, good faith wins the future

      Ningbo Beilun Baisheng Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturing Company Limited

      Our company was founded in 2008,located in Xiaogang Town,Beilun District,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China,which is a professional manufacturer specializing in sheet metal products according to drawing sheet and samples.Our company has a modern standard workshop of more than 5000 square metres and advanced and professional sheet mental production equipments such as FO4020 Fibre-optical Laser 4000 Watts,AMADA AC2510NT NC Lathe,AMADA RG series Bending Machine and advanced Welding Equipment.Our company`s product parts are processed by NC machine.Our product processing is widely used in domestic supporting projects......


      Professionally cast quality and good faith to win the future